Nail Art Party

Kasi (and Kenedee in her Moby!) giving Tiffany tips on application. And Tiffany modeling her new engagement ring and giraffe nails!
One afternoon out at the lake we gathered up for some girl time and all applied brightly patterned Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail art. It was a fun vacation activity and I think a lot of us chose wild patterns that we can only really wear on vacation (Jenny did the Kitty Kitty shade). 

As I've mentioned before, my sister-in-law Kasi is an expert with these things. She hates painting her nails so she's been using the Salon Effects for a long time now. She gave us a great tutorial on how to make one box last for multiple uses, which is awesome as they are almost $9 a pop. 

Here are her tips for getting the most use out of your box and longest wear from the polish stripes:
  • Although each polish strip is meant for one nail, you can double the use of the box by folding and then cutting each strip in half so that it can be used on two nails. 
  • Apply the strip to the same nail on each hand consecutively so that the polish strip doesn't dry out after you've removed the protective layer.
  • Press each nail polish strip firmly into your nail with the smooth side of the file and the wooden tool.
  • Instead of ripping off the tip of the polish strip at the tip of your nail, use nail clippers to gently clip the end of your nail, this presses the polish in more firmly!
  • As you can see in the bottom photo to the right, Kasi still has three strips left over even after doing all 10 fingers. She is able to cut these up into small pieces and do all of her toes!

We had great success with our nails, they lasted from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on the person!

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  1. I love using nail polish strips like this! I usually go for the Sephora strips, but I've seen these at Target (for a much better price). The leopard ones are always my favorite :)