A Few of My Favorite Things: Silk Pillowcases

About a year ago Jenny gifted me with one of my favorite little indulgences: silk pillowcases!  I had been complaining to her about how I'm getting a very odd wrinkle in between my eyes and nose from sleeping with a scrunched face and she did a little research online. Turns out there are many benefits to sleeping with a silk pillowcase including wrinkle prevention and keeping skin and hair moisturized, plus they are hypoallergenic!  Not to mention they feel very luxurious. Jenny bought mine from a great company that is committed to safe and sustainable sources for their silk. Also, mine say not to dry but I accidentally did and they are totally fine and have held up really well, I'm a total convert. It's the little things in life....

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  1. Okay...I didn't know I have a serious desire for those until I read this.