Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!! And a three-day weekend to boot, yippee!

What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to a Mariner's game tonight and then headed out to the Puget Sound for some R&R. I can't believe September is almost here, where did summer go?!

I'll start off this week's Roundup with some shameless family-promotion, check out this hilarious new music video my brother just put out...and don't miss Jenny's awesome cameo pushing a shopping cart! (Congrats to Jason for his photo on!)

This drink would be great for the last weekend of summer.

How to stop worrying.

What it's REALLY like going gluten-free, plus great GF recipes. 

So funny and true!

Will you go without the internet this weekend? 

Lyrical fun.   

Love this graphic about steps to creative living. Jenny, Alt Summit 2013?

Want this and these for the fall wardrobe.

Something fun to do this weekend in WA.

(photo credit here)

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