Project Pinterest: Dying Things...

Ever since the ombre curtains, I keep looking for things to dye. I'd forgotten how fast and easy it is to change the color on something and make it like new again.

So this week, my sister came over and we took some of her white things that were no longer white and turned them purple.

We didn't really have a plan when we started and were just aiming for something different than dingy white. So when the purple on this flag shirt wasn't dying as evenly as my sister wanted, we decided to go with it and we splashed bleach across the shirt after we dyed it. In the end, it think it was my favorite!

PS. If you're looking for more... precise dying tips, check out Lazy Saturday's post on dying clothes. 


  1. wow! I have a bunch of clothes I should do this to. Do you have more dye?

  2. do it! it was fun! now i am excited to wear it!