Friday Round Up

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is as amazing as this mythical llama.

I'm looking forward to Sunday morning when I get to fly out of the city for a few days and away from all the stresses of being in the middle of a super busy season of work and life.

Meanwhile, here are some things that struck my fancy from around the web this week...

Check out some unique games from developing countries that you won't see in the Olympics in this awesome Huff Post piece written by my friend Lindsey.

Since 1982, these guys have taken the same vacation photo every 5 years.

A great story of happily ever after arising out of tragic circumstances for this couple. 

The Bachelorette finale in 30 seconds. 

These avalanche bars might have to make an appearance on my vacation next week.

Easy up-do to try.

The Queen of Versailles: I want to see this documentary. It's been described to me as a combination of an interesting social commentary on wealth and the recession and The Real Housewives. 

"Fashionable Facepaint" on Mr. Kate.

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