Sushi Party!

Last weekend we got together with Patrick's side of the family to celebrate summer birthdays and Father's Day with a sushi party! P's aunt and uncle are really creative and put together sushi making stations so we could all try rolling it on our own. I love sushi but had never thought of attempting to make it myself before. What a blast! The photo above is my final product, a tuna-avocado-cucumber roll. 

Patrick's youngest cousin Matthew tried sushi for the very first time (he wasn't so sure if he liked it, as you can see by his hilarious reaction). 

Tiffany and Whitney, our sushi rolling experts and instructors-- Tiff even fried up some shrimp for us to include in some of the rolls!

Here's a quick demo from Whitney with step by step photos on how we rolled the sushi. 
1. Lay out the bamboo mat with cellophane wrap and then seaweed, place sticky rice in an even layer on the top half of the seaweed.
2. Flip over the seaweed so that the rice is on the bottom (and closest to your body), touching the cellophane. Add your desired "inside" ingredients to the top half of the seaweed (Whit used smoked salmon, avocado and carrots here).
3. Begin rolling the bamboo over the top of the inside ingredients and pulling tightly toward yourself.
4. Repeat this motion several times, clearing the cellophane from getting caught on the inside of the roll each time. Be sure to pack tightly and mold into a cylindrical shape as you go!
5. Using a serrated knife gently cut the sushi every 1" or so.
6. Remove cellophane and enjoy! 

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