Friday Roundup

Happy Weekend! What will you be doing? Jason and I started the weekend off early with a date to see Moonrise Kingdom last night. I loved it so much, I wouldn't mind seeing it again if anyone out there wants to go with me... Teresa and I also have round 2 of trapeze scheduled, amazing photos to come!

I was sad to hear that Nora Ephron passed away this week. When Harry Met Sally is quite possibly my favorite romantic comedy of all time. Also, because I live in Seattle, I feel somewhat obligated to love Sleepless in Seattle. Naturally articles on the life and work of Nora Ephron are everywhere this week and I really enjoyed this article on Ephron's take on the characters of Harry and Sally and whether or not men and women can be just friends. (Above image via)

Birds With Arms. Just when I thought tumblr couldn't get any better.

"There's always money in the banana stand" If you're super confused about what I just said, you're probably not interested in art inspired by Arrested Development, but if I happened to be in LA this weekend, this is where I'd be.

I just signed up for Bloomspot and really like it. It's like all the other daily deal sites, but they always seem to have the best stuff!

In need of summer hair styles? Check out Braids of Glory for hair like Katniss or Princess Leia and stop by Refinery 29 for some tips from Josie Maran. 

Modg's lessons from a hippie is both practical and hilarious. Do you know what the Dirty Dozen is?

Flavorwire put together a montage of TV's most romantic moments. It makes me happy, but I do think they are missing a few...

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