Four Year Celebration

Today Patrick and I celebrate four years of marriage - my how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that we were at the alter saying "I Do" and now we have a Bachelor's Degree in marriage! On the other hand we've packed a lot into our little marriage so far - we've lived on three different continents and both coasts of the US, held seven different jobs between the two of us, earned an MBA (I count this as my accomplishment as well :) ) and became aunt and uncle for the first time.

Back when we were in premarital counseling during our engagement our pastor asked us if we could describe, in one word, what we would like our life to look like in the next five years. We both gave the same answer: adventure.

So, here's to the next adventure baby, there's no one I'd rather live life with. xo

(photo by JKOE of course)


  1. happy 4 years. That IS a lot of adventure to pack in before the five year mark!

  2. You guys are just so darn cute.