Friday Roundup

While everyone else is thrilled for their weekend to begin, I feel like mine is ending. I've spent the last few days enjoying the sun and gearing up for two weddings this weekend. Both are at beautiful locations and I'll be sure to be looking for  Wedding Wednesday ideas to share! What will you be doing this weekend?

My sister and I are trying this out in my backyard. If it goes well, I'll post about it soon.

How to open a beer with a piece of paper.  Really.

Who else has gotten sucked in to marathons of Teen Mom? Catelynn and Tyler were always my favorite and this article has a few more reasons to love them.

Do you have blue eyes? We might be related! 

Super cute & reasonably priced summer dresses.

I want to try making this. Strawberries & Champagne are a great combo.

A recent study finds that coffee drinkers may live longer. I'm headed to get an Americano right now!

Creative uses for broaches. 

Check out Gidget and other great vintage shots from movies, LIFE magazine, advertisements, etc. on Love Music Wine and Revolution, which is where I got the amazing shot of Sandra Dee as Gidget, above. Discovered via another favorite blog,  Miss Moss.

Also, a friend showed me this video. Very creative wedding idea.


  1. Can't wait to see what kind of inspiration you come up with this weekend for Wedding Wednesday. Have fun at your weddings!


  2. we are definitely making those strawberry-champagne cocktails this summer!!!

  3. have you seen this video of how to open a wine bottle with a shoe and wall?