Sporty in the Studio: Barre Class Trial

Have you tried a Barre exercise class yet? Jenny and I had heard about the new trendy workout class that combines ballet, yoga and Pilates from a few friends and decided we needed to give it a shot ourselves. We found a deal for newbies to try out three classes for $30 at Barre3 and scooped it up a while back. Since then we found ourselves on Seattle's Capitol Hill awkwardly graciously making our way through three very different classes. 

As you can assume from the name, the class is centered around the ballet barre and mirrors that surround the outsides of the classroom. Each person uses a very sturdy but flexible ball, a strap, 1-3 lb hand weights, and a mat throughout the class. After a brief cardio warm up the bulk of the class involves tiny, 1-2inch, movements of the body while holding the muscles taunt in various positions. Throughout the class you should end up working most major areas of the body with an emphasis on the core.

We went into our first class expecting to get our behinds kicked as neither of us has much experience with ballet or Pilates. Unfortunately, the class was way too easy and not really worth the cash we put out for it. The second class was more challenging and offered some good alternative poses for us beginners. The third class (my favorite), taught be Lindsay, was by far the most sweat-inducing and we definitely couldn’t do all the moves that some of the more experienced Barries (Barristers?) expertly executed. There could have been a few modifications offered for the less experienced but overall we "felt the burn" and it was a great toning workout.

Like its predecessors  Pilates and yoga, Barre isn’t for folks who are trying to get a cardio workout. The class is great for people who want to tone their bodies and build lean muscle while listening to modern music. We suggest that they add “levels” to the class titles as we went to three classes with the same name that varied wildly in their difficulty.

As for Jenny and I, we’ll probably stick to yoga on a regular basis as we like the stretching and meditative elements in that practice that are not found in Barre. But I’d love to swing back by for an occasional work out and to learn some great new moves to use at the gym or after jogging. 

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(all pictures from the Barre3 blog)

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