Friday Roundup

Friday is finally here! What's everyone up to this weekend? Jenny and I are going to have a little taste-test party for the March Drink of the Month, stay tuned for the results.

With no further is your Roundup!

Happiest animals in the world! (see also photo above)

I want this spring jacket. Or maybe this bright one?

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, get in my belly.

Totally addicting website, what's your color?

Hank the Cat is running for US Senate, this makes me smile. 

A hot tub boat on Seattle's Lake Union. LOVE.

Clever Malcom Gladwell bestseller generator.

World's most livable cities, do you live in one?

Happy Bday Dr. Suess! 30 DS quotes to live by.

Why Rebecca Romaijn named her daughter after after Dolly Parton.

Finally started this book, laugh out loud hilarious.