Friday Roundup

This is a weekend that we've been excitedly awaiting for awhile now. With The Hunger Games opening and Mad Men coming back, it's going to be a good one!

Here are a few Mad Men links to get you in the mood...
In anticipation of its glorious return this Sunday, NPR did an interview with a real life Don Draper. 

And finally, drink like your favorite character while watching the premiere. 

If the Hunger Games guys seem too young for you to swoon over, check out Hunks of the 80's.

Want to be more productive? Check out these tips.

Here's a TED Talk from Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity.

Beautiful cookbook full of vegetables. Seriously, the pictures in this look so amazing it makes me crave veggies.

Richard Nixon or Nicholals Sparks? I couldn't tell the difference.

Tips for a happier/healthier home from Apartment Therapy. Perfect for spring cleaning!

The best and worst of Trader Joe's. Definitely some things on the list that I'm going to try.

Article on Annie Lebowitz's book Pilgrimage which Teresa got me for Christmas!

How often do people get locked in vaults? Interview with a safecracker. 

Vintage ad above and more found here.


  1. That TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorites, and I love the post about Nicholas Sparks/Richard Nixon. So sweet! Hope you don't mind that I stole it for my blog post tonight :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend my dear!


    1. Please, use it! That was my favorite thing in the round up this week for sure. I couldn't tell the difference at all! Could you?
      Happy weekend to you too!