Friday Roundup

Well, we've had a great week! Finally launched the blog and getting lots of positive response. You like us, you really like us! We'd love to hear what you think of the posts in the comments (it's still a work in progress) and appreciate you sharing anything you enjoy to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or your social media site of choice.

Here's some amusement from around the web to keep you entertained over the weekend while we are out and about. Teresa will be attending a baby shower for her niece who's arriving in April. She's already spoiling this still in utero baby! Being an aunt is going to be fun.

Speaking of babies, these clothes are adorable and 30% off for the rest of the month.

Check out this slideshow of pictures that capture the 90's. If you hadn't noticed yet, we are on a bit of a 90's nostalgia kick these days...

Super interesting letter from a former slave to his old master.

Make your own leg warmers/boot socks.

Think Geek is selling a Hunger Games Cookbook! Although we don't really recall wanting to eat any of the foods they mentioned in the book...The caption says "From Lamb Stew to Groosling!" What's a groosling?

This watch. Yes.

Have you ever seen a conversation pit? How sweet would it be to have one in your house!

Cuteness overload. Cat lovers prepare yourselves.

J Crew's Maxi dresses are getting me excited for summer.

Mad Men trailers! It's finally coming back on the air!

Fun fonts for free!

Are you planning to watch the Oscars this weekend? Great article about women nominees this year. And check out this Party Kit the Academy put out, complete with ballots and bingo. Wouldn't it be fun to have a ticket to the show! Here's one from 1965 and the picture above is Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews at the Oscars that year.

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(images via Academy of Achievement and Hollywood Golden Guy)


  1. I loved reading all the interesting sites. Tell Teresa to go to for the tutu type baby clothes. Also, bet Laura could give some insight into how to keep our skin young for us older women. Can you do a bed review on your new bed?

    1. Makeup and skin care posts from Laura will be coming soon!

  2. I got the Hunger Games cookbook for Valentine's Day! I'll post on my blog a few recipes that I make, whenever I do them!

    1. YES! Please do! T and I really want to know what sort of stuff is in there and you must tell us what groosling is!