Friday Roundup

Hi Friends! What are you up to this weekend? P and I are going to spend a romantic weekend-away in Portland. I'm excited to get lost exploring the city just the two of us. 

Here's your weekend roundup!

Adorable couples who have been together a LONG time.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Stuffed Cake Balls. Yes, you heard me right. Sounds divine. 

I finally got some of this and spent 45 minutes putting it on today, but it looks great for my weekend away! Also, this is insane to me. 

Yummy Valentine's Champagne Cocktail.

Kitty-made art. Also, famous ladies and their cats.  

Want to impress your sweetie this weekend? How to open beer with a piece of paper.

I'm dying to visit this crazy bookstore in Buenos Aires. 

Loving this iPhone case but need to stop buying iPhone cases.

What do you think of this pick to play Princess Diana in an upcoming film?

Going to be in Seattle this weekend? Check out this crazy Valentine's Day version of the Underworld Tour.

PS. Isn't that picture of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone the best? I love them both. If you haven't seen it, 'Crazy Stupid Love' is a fun V-day weekend flick!

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