Jet Lag

As a child, when I heard the phrase "jet lag" I always thought people were saying "jet LEG". I assumed it had something to do with walking funny after getting off of a plane. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense, you do sit for a long time in rather tight quarters on planes which could result in leg cramps.

I was the sort of kid who chose to use her deductive reasoning skills (read: wild imagination) instead of asking questions when confused. Basically, I thought I was a lot smarter than I actually was. In elementary school,  I remember thinking the word "applause" said "applesauce" and wondered why we were all supposed to clap our hands when this gigantic neon sign flashed "applesauce" above a middle aged man dressed in tights at a school assembly. He was supposed to be a superhero who fought crime using math or something. Because 500 elementary school kids shouting multiplication tables stops bad guys, duh.

One time, my dad's friends visited from Kentucky. The only Kentucky I knew of was the Kentucky Fried Chicken down the road. I thought my mom was pretty strange to make such a big deal about these people coming from a place we passed every day on the way to my preschool.  My mom knew someone who's son worked at that Kentucky Fried Chicken and had heard a rumor that some of the other employees spit in the batter. I don't think I ate at a KFC until I was a teenager, but I definitely spent a few years thinking that my dad's friends were the batter-spitting employees and wondering why they only rarely left their restaurant.

The point of all this rambling. I'm home from my trip and totally jet lagged, which for me, means that I'm up at 3 AM remembering embarrassing things from childhood and posting them online for all to see.

(Photo: Me aged 6 with my dad and cute blonde sister. Yes, I had a mullet and wore glasses. Lets call me a hipster and pretend that I look cool, ok?)

PS. More fun posts with Africa pictures and such will be forthcoming. 

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  1. This entry is so well-written, Jen, is a book forth coming?