Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Teresa and I are having a girls night and going to dinner with friends at Palace Kitchen. The rest of my weekend will be spent hoping for sun, as we have a few photo shoots scheduled. Perhaps some cooking will happen too.

Here's one dish I want to try this weekend, Quinoa Mac & Cheese.

Then maybe some no-bake cookies for dessert. Am I the only one that was obsessed with no-bakes as a child? I think Teresa was too, she's the one who found the recipe. I'll have to share the cookies with her I guess... especially since they are gluten free!

Here's a great way to wrap books as gifts. So many thoughtful touches.

Looking for a good movie this weekend? I saw this one the other day and liked it enough that I'd actually go again. It's very original and it takes place in Seattle!

Hello Giggles has a post that made me smile, Famous Ladies and Their Cats.

Patterned tights.

Did you know, if you send Mickey and Minnie Mouse a wedding invite, you'll get a response? Here are the details.

What NOT to name your baby.

Incase you want to sound posh and work words and phrases like "holidaymaker", "serviette" or "cheerio" into your vocabulary, wikipedia has a page entitled List of British Words Not Widely Used in the US. There are also things like "bum bag" and "shonky". It's a fun list.

One last thing. I pinned this on pinterest the other day but it's getting no love. So, I'm forcing you to read it here. Enjoy!

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