Friday Roundup

I still haven't gotten around to getting a Christmas tree, so I'm just going to enjoy looking at this pretty ornament photo for now. You may have seen on the blog this week or my facebook page that I'm hosting an EParty for Karama Collection, it's going on until Tuesday the 6th!  The ornament above is handmade by Masai women in Tanzania. I'm buying a bunch to put on the top of presents this year, because cute ornaments make up for the fact that I suck at tying bows :) and also, it's fun to share the story behind the ornaments when I'm giving a gift.

Check out Karama Collection and use the code JKPARTY16 for 15% off your order.

Here's one thing I'll be buying for myself from Karama.

And here are other fun things on the web this week...

Drunk History does Julia Child and it is awesome.

Cat yoga!

I really want to see this movie. 

This article hits on a lot of the things I was thinking while watching the new Gilmore Girls.

America Ferrera is awesome, Teresa sent me this and I relate to it so much.

Beautiful holiday decor. 

The Full House house will always be!

Teresa also sent me this Patton Oswald tearjerker. 

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