Have you been watching the Olympics? I've been traveling so this time around, viewing the Olympics has been a bit different from the usual of watching NBC's primetime coverage. I've been getting most of my content from the web! Here's what I've been into so far:

Surprisingly, Snapchat has had great coverage!

The Olympic Refugee Team! And this amazing story. 

I've always loved watching the opening ceremonies and critiquing each countries' outfits with friends. Sad I missed out on that this year, but thankfully this article does a pretty good job of breaking down the best and the worst AND they do it with similar comparisons that I would have used, including some Harry Potter references!

Who finds synchronized diving mesmerizing?

Great piece about the US Women's Gymnastics Team...

Guess their sport (I only got two right!)

@TaraandJohnny are killing it on Instagram

Finally, I cannot stop watching this video of an Olympic gymnastic routine from the 70's!

Image @USAGym

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