Fiona Maeve: Months One and Two

Well...I guess the old cliche is true that it's not as easy to document the second kid as the first. But better late than never right? (Is that my new motto? Ugh.) Here are Fiona's one and two month pictures.

She is SUCH a sweet and easy little baby, I am so enjoying being her mom. She started smiling around 5-6 weeks and is such a little ham now for the camera. She loves being outside, being in the wrap on mommy, sleeping, watching her big brother, and cuddling. I can take her almost anywhere and we have had a great summer going on family nature walks, playing at the beach, hanging with friends and traveling around the Pacific Northwest. She even went on her first boat ride at Priest Lake! She is cooing and trying to make words and sounds already, we'll see if she is a big talker like her brother. :)

She isn't a great nurser but we are working hard (pumping a lot and trying to make nursing fun again) and she's in the 50th percentile for weight which is a big accomplishment. She's a tall girl in the 88th percentile for height.

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