Friday Roundup

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! This is the first 4th in YEARS that I haven't been at a wedding! Our plans are pretty low key and my main goals for the weekend include getting out of the city and reading in the sun as much as possible.

Happy Canada Day today to my friends from the north! Lets all celebrate with this list of all the reasons Justin Trudeau is awesome. 

These fake animal facts are just the best. 

Why you should hire a professional organizer. (I really need to do this!)

Donkey milk masks and other cult favorite Korean beauty products to try...

Make ahead salads for a week of lunches, for people like me who need to stop eating at the taco truck every day...

I'm currently listening to "The Most Beautiful Song in the World" playlist on Spotify.

Yoga Nidra, something I need more of in my life.

Wine & Popcorn

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