Friday Roundup

Happy Pride Weekend! For so many reasons, it's been a weird, tough few weeks, I feel like both the news and things I'm hearing from friends are all sad. Today and everyday when Teresa and I blog our goal is to share the things that bring us joy, but sometimes, you can't ignore the rest of what's going on. Sending love to you all.

If you're in Seattle, here's a list of Pride events happening around the city. 

I've been meaning to watch this forever and my sister just told me it's on Netflix and really good! Yay!

Book recommendations from Mindy Kaling's Instagram.

Ellen on voicing Dory

Creative way to get a baby tooth out.

Drugstore beauty finds that celebrities swear by.

If camping always looked like this, I'd totally be into it.

I really respect Aziz Ansari for sharing a bit of his own story in the NY Times this week.

Cute animals of Instagram

Image above from "22 Photos of the World Standing With the LGBT Community in the Wake of Orlando"

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