Friday Roundup

Happy National Doughnut Day! I made it sans-doughnut until 5pm and caved. I just couldn't take looking at another doughnut Instagram post without getting some for myself. I'm currently on the doughnuts pictured above while finishing up this post :)

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, Teresa's been recouping/enjoying time with Fiona and I've been caught up in work projects (and a little bit of cuddling of Fiona too!).

I want to check out this beautiful hike!

80s babies vs. the rest of the millennials...who else can relate?

Fake modern art

Stationary fun

Oh McSweeney's, you kill me..."Obituaries for teenage girls if they actually died when they say they're dying."

Levitating garden

I want to make this for dinner. 

Makeup the pros swear by- because I never know what to buy.

Decorating tricks

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