Friday Roundup

The countdown is officially on! Baby girl will be here one week from today! If you missed it, I wrote about my birth plans here. We have a busy weekend ahead with the Construction for Change banquet and last minute baby preparations. A friend asked me if nesting was as intense an instinct the second time around and I can say with confidence that is is for me! I need to deactivate my Amazon account :)

Here are a few fun and happy links to make us smile this weekend:

Made me laugh, kids are awesome.

I NEED these cat tiki mugs. Now.

I'm in a weird mood this week and these crazy couches made me smile. If Jenny and I ever actually had an office together we would HAVE to buy that bird's nest.

Funfetti fudge and confetti cookies.  Happiness!

4 tips for dining al fresco. These would be delish to serve.

Let's all go to Paris!

This week in internet slang: #mom. Gotta keep up with the kids ;)

Awesome home renovation.

Pretty much obsessed with indoor plants right now.

And I'll leave you with this, which is guaranteed to make you smile.

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