Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! And Happy Mother's Day! Its going to be a beautiful weekend here in Seattle, I'm excited to soak up some sun and do some nesting -- baby girl will be here in THREE weeks! Eeek! What are you up to this weekend?

Still need a Mother's Day gift? 30/30 Project has you covered!

These videos are so mesmerizing to me. (ATTN: Jenny)

I'm not sure I'm brave to do something like this but I love this kitchen.

What to read this spring.

DIY pet photo pajamas!!

Amazing rainbow baby shower and FRIENDS themed bridal shower!

Indoor plant trends I'm loving.

Countdown to summer drinking begins -- baby is almost here! Cucumber ginger margaritas, yes please.

Decorating on a budget.

Here's to the '90's -- Disney + Titanic.


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