Friday Roundup

As you might have noticed, things have still been fairly quiet around here... Teresa's still working on unpacking at her new house and I've spent the week recovering from jet lag, catching up on work while wide awake at 3 am and trying to convince myself that doing laundry is a good idea. But we hadn't done a roundup for awhile and I did have some fun links I wanted to share, so here you go!

I'm proud to say, I got 100% on this 90's movie about you?

I'm a little behind on this, but Jason and I just binged 11.22.63, I'd recommend it.

Amy Pohler's Smart Girls featured one of my favorites, Mary Lambert! 

Teresa sent me this, pretty hilarious...

It's a miracle! Kimmy Schmidt is back and I'm excited.

On putting your phone down...

I've been on a pancake/crepe/waffle kick lately...I want to eat these! 

Gearing up for summer...who wants to have a campfire and make these with me?

IRL romantic love story that sounds like it's the plot of a rom-com.

Image @mazagranphoto

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