Deep in the Heart of Texas...

Hello from the road! Jason and I are back on tour with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. You can check out my Tour Life post label to see our past ventures, on tour buses and planes etc. This month we're traveling around the U.S. and actually hitting some smaller cities I've never seen before (Muncie! Louisville! Somewhere in Oklahoma I'd never heard of!).

Currently, we're making our way through Texas, we just drove from San Antonio to Austin today. Since it wasn't a show day, I got to do a little sightseeing this afternoon, including the Museum of the Weird on 6th Street.

I do enjoy tour life, but I'm realizing I sort of romanticized it since the last time I was on a tour- forgetting all the hard things (missing friends & cats at home) and just remembering  the good and fun ones (other people cook for you!). It's definitely a bit of both. Overall, I do enjoy it. It's a bit like a traveling summer camp. There are even bunk beds :)

More to come on the blog and typically post at least one instagram a day @jennykoekoe

PS. See if you can spot me...
Pre-Show Huddle PHX!
Posted by Macklemore on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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