Happy Birthday Myles!

On Monday Myles turned TWO YEARS OLD! Who is this kid and what happened to my baby?! We celebrated just the three of us at my family's cabin in Idaho. He had huckleberry pancakes and played at the beach, I made a funfetti cake, we sang him happy birthday... it was simple and wonderful.

Here's a little bit about what Mylo is into these days:

  • He is obsessed with animals and knows the name of everything from a kangaroo to a starfish. Going to the zoo is so fun with him, he especially loves the farm area (cows are his favorite animal) and watching the otters swim. 
  • He is fascinated by anything with a motor and wheels --trucks, cars, airplanes, tractors, fire engines, you name it. When we go on walks he yells out "blue truck!" "red car!" "yellow tractor!"
  • For being such an independent baby he has become quite an affectionate toddler. He loves to sit on our laps and read his books, snuggle in bed in the morning, and will even occasionally hold our hand outside.
  • Every night before bed we have to brush his teeth, which has been torturous for all parties until we started a little game where he names off every one who has a toothbrush while we do the brushing. "Grammy toot-brush, Dada toot-brush, Grampa D toot-brush, Titi toot-brush, Ro toot-brush..." It's pretty much my favorite. 
Happy birthday big boy! Love you to the moon and back. 

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