Mylo's First Week!

Myles has inspired me to finally break out my big camera and not just take pictures on my iPhone. I'm having fun placing him in different types of light and capturing his many different expressions. My mom and sister gifted me these fun blocks to record his age as he grows, I took his one week pictures over the weekend. I said to Jenny today that time seems to be going at warp speed, hours pass and seem like minutes, it's really bizarre. I can't believe he's already 10 days old. 
I will post some more pictures of our daily activity around here tomorrow but for now here are a few of my favorite shots of Mylo from his first days at home. He is a very observant baby so it's been easy to get pictures of him with his eyes open. Isn't his little scowl the cutest? :)


  1. He's so precious Teresa! Your birth story was crazy - glad to hear you're ok and that everyone is doing well! Many congrats to you and Patrick!

  2. those blocks are a great idea! I just love it when babies get that little scowly wrinkle on their sweet little faces :)

  3. hey Teresa, just wanted to say first of all well done you, myles is gorgeous, and also fantastic that you're still blogging must have been a crazy crazy couple of weeks. When I read your birth story, I straight away wanted to get in touch to say that mine was really similar - my first baby evie was born after 4 days of contractions and 1 day of labour, she'd got stuck somewhere along the way with the cord wrapped twice round her neck so couldn't get any further out and I ended up with an emergency C-section too. very strange feeling to wake up and suddenly have a baby there! I found it difficult to reconcile everything so after a couple of months we went back to the hospital to talk to them about it and that made me feel much better. looked at the notes and spoke to the midwives who helped me to understand what had happened. made it much easier not to be frightened for the birth of freddie 14 months later!! so glad you are both safe, he's even more precious to have got through all of that, congratulations & love the blog! xxxxxx