Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, so while I'll be spending the weekend working. I am thankful that my job involves working with my husband and friends! It's almost like hanging out and enjoying the summer! But I will be daydreaming of floating in a body of water somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Clueless turns 20 (yikes!) 

Wedding alpacas, because why not?!? They are super cute with bow ties!

Bedroom storage tips, since I'm working on reorganizing right now.

Beautiful Scandinavian home tour

I want one of these cool minimalist rings

Iced coffee, 21 different ways...I'll be trying 13 and 14

I'm in the market for a new phone case, this is the frontrunner currently...

Katherine Hepburn's brownie recipe

Image via Parade and they also have some great Clueless quotes!

Photo by @jkoephoto

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