Friday Roundup

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful week! Teresa is still enjoying Argentina and will be back with us next week with plenty of stories to tell I'm sure. As or me, I'm spending my weekend searching the depths of my closet for sandals. I'm headed for the sun next week for shoot in Arizona. Alas, not quite as exotic as Argentina, but 80 degrees and a fun project to work on, I'll take it! As always, here are some fun things to keep you entertained as you start your weekend...

Ridiculous take on a birth plan from McSweeney's, I just had to read this aloud to the people around me, they wanted to know what was making me laugh so hard.

For beauty and skincare advice, this is a website I've been spending a ton of time on lately.

The real life girl who made it into Harry Potter

"Charlie's Angles" in India

Do you shower more or less than most?


On sale winter coats

#askhermore-love this hilarious commentary on the dumb questions ladies get asked on the red carpet. Here's hoping for better questions at the Oscars this weekend.

Image above, Shirley McClain and Warren Beatty at the Academy Awards in 1966

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