Welcome Anna and Talon!

Our dear friends Brittany and Victor welcomed their adorable twin babies, Anna Rubin and Talon Victor on November 16th. As you can see from the photo above I am in a state of baby bliss. They are perfect, cuddly, tiny, and smell amazing. I might have a touch of baby fever. :)

My sister, Brittany, and I were all in the SAME exact hospital room for the births of our babies --- how weird is that, talk about a special place! Being back in that room last week and watching B&V welcome their little ones brought back a flood of memories from Myles' birth over a year ago. As you may have read in his birth story, it wasn't an easy labor or delivery. But being with the twins and their elated parents actually brought back a lot of positive memories for me of our five days and nights in the hospital after Myles was born. There was something very special about those early few days and weeks when Patrick and I were learning to be parents and how to take care of our tiny infant. After my C-section and tumultuous labor I was more or less bed-ridden for the duration of our time we were in the hospital. My entire focus was getting back on my feet and learning to breastfeed Mylo. Patrick changed every single diaper those first five days, walked Mylo around to console him, swaddled him, and tracked my medication and feedings. We were exhausted, excited, overwhelmed, and so happy to be with our son. And more than anything it felt like we were a team. Being a parent is hard and wondrous work and I am incredibly grateful that I get to do it with my best friend and with so much support and love from our community. 

Welcome to the world Anna and Talon, you are so loved already!

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