Visit Bali #2

Here are a few photos from Sapulidi, our second hotel in Bali. It's located minutes from the heart of Ubud and is hands down one of the coolest places I've ever stayed. Thatched roof huts with a beautiful rice patty behind it.

This place was paradise, each "room" is a little hut, complete with a separate bathroom, that's just a few steps away, over a little pond with lily pads! The bathroom had roof over half of it and then a lovely bathtub where you could soak and look up at the stars.

After exploring Ubud one afternoon, we came back our room to rest by the pool for a bit and we were enjoying this lovely flute music coming from the rice patties. Naturally, we thought the people working in their field had brought a radio, but after awhile, we noticed that there was actually a man, sitting out in the middle of the field playing his flute!

PS Incase you missed it, here is my first post about Bali. 

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