Trunk Club

I've shared in the past that I'm a big fan of Stitch Fix and every time I get a box Patrick and I talk about how great it would be if they had a Stitch Fix for men. Enter Trunk Club. I originally heard about it while listening to This American Life and it sounded similar to Stitch Fix so we gave it a try! The main difference is that instead of a set five items, your personal stylist sends as many clothes as you want. In the two boxes that Patrick has received there were about eight shirts, three pairs of pants, a pair of shoes and a couple of sweaters or blazers. They are anticipating that you won't want to keep it all but want to give a lot of options. The prices are also higher than what I have paid with Stitch Fix but the quality and brands are all top notch.

For us, Trunk Club is a bit too pricey to receive once a month but I think a few times a year it's a great chance to get a few high quality staples for Patrick's closet.

PS. Trunk Club was recently bought by Nordstrom which I think is a good sign!

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  1. I heard about it on This American Life too - I think my husband needs this big time.