Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Jenny and I took a little impromptu break from blogging this week. We'll be back at it again next week with a bit more energy I hope. Can't wait to see her photos from Bali!

Hope everyone has fun plans for this cold and sunny weekend. Here are some links to get us started

LOVE this! Might even have to write a whole post on it.

For those of you cooking for Turkey Day, 10 day Thanksgiving timeline. Or some great spots to get out of town for the day and not cook.

ICYMI, fascinating article about what makes relationships last.

Made me laugh. 

Made me cry.

INCREDIBLE bathrooms in NYC

Raising children as an international photographer. 

Would you hire a professional bridesmaid??

5 kitchen items to pick up at a flea market and 5 ways to make a house a home.

(photo of Mylo walking in fall leaves)

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