What should I do with my globe?

A few months back Jason came back from the garage sale of neighbors who are clearly way cooler than we are with PF Flyers, a great leather jacket and an a vintage globe which has been living on top of our record player ever since.

I decided to do a little sleuthing and with the help of this globe guide, I discovered it was made sometime in the late 70's (Between French Somaliland becoming Djibouti in 1977 and Ellice Islands became Tuvalu in 1978). Don't laugh at me, we all know I'm a huge dork. No one should be surprised that I just spent 20 minutes searching a dusty globe for small counties and island nations that gained their independence in the 1970s. 

I do like how it looks as it is, but I've always wanted a way to mark the places we've been. Here are a few options I've seen, what do you think?

I love this light  idea. I could illuminate the places we've been and brighten up our room at the same time.

I could fingerprint the places we've been....

And I really like this partial chalk-board painted idea- you can still see the countries...

If completely wreck it, I could just turn it into the Death Star and invest in one of these.  :)


  1. I love the cork globe... I would invest! I also really like the light if you want to be all crafty.