What kids eat for breakfast around the world...

Nearly every morning since he turned six months old Mylo has eaten the same thing for breakfast, oatmeal with fruit and a whole milk. We make it up for him and then just pour it on his high chair tray and he goes to town eating it with his hands. It's pretty messy but he loves it and it fills him up. 

It wasn't my intention to have such a strict routine but I eat cereal every day which is a bit too hard for him to manage (he can't really handle a spoon yet) and so it just sort of became a habit. Did you see this article in the NY Times about what kids eat for breakfast around the world? I thought it was fascinating and the photos of messy haired toddlers were adorable. The one above is of Saki in Tokyo, and below is Tiago in Sao Paulo. 

Photos from NY Times

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  1. How interesting! When I was traveling in Japan, we ate fish, miso, and rice for breakfast every day. It was pretty good, seemed much healthier than our typical American breakfast here too.