Jenny's Favorites: September Edition

Jason and I were all over the place this month and here are the things that kept me comfortable at home and on the road. 

1. TEA! While living a tour bus with a couple of guys from across the pond, I got in the habit of having MANY cups of tea every day. English Breakfast was the preferred blend and I've now brought that home with me, it's a perfect habit to take on this time of year, especially since my little yellow
tea kettle is so bright and cheery. 

2. I've started to break out the sweaters, I just bought a sweater stone and it really is a miracle worker. In the evenings, you'll find me watching Netflix and de-pilling my sweaters. 

3. Music! You might have caught my fall playlist, here's one more song I fell in love with while on tour with Ed Sheeran, listening to him sing it most nights, "Little Bird"

4. I've been wearing a cute little elephant charm. An elephant with its trunk up is a symbol of good luck. For me, elephants are a symbol to remember (they never forget, right!), specifically to remember to be thankful to remember all that I have that is good in my life, and there is a lot. Also, I don't read too much into necklace symbolism, so mainly, I just like elephants, they're cute, I like how their trunks feel grabbing a treat out of your hand and they have great eye lashes! 

5. I've shared my love of PF Candles before, this month, I've been into Sweet Grapefruit and Neroli & Eucalyptus. Especially after reading this article on citrus smell tricking you into cleaning. 

6. Books! This month I've been focusing on Gandhi's autobiography, it's kind of a brick, but I'm enjoying it.  If you're looking for a good fall read, I'd point you towards a few classics that I find especially great for the autumn months: Anne of Green Gables (Anne has a couple of great quotes about fall and the depictions of leaves and fall scenes are enough to make anyone appreciate autumn even if just for a few minutes),  Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger is a little more accurate to how I feel in the fall- depressed and questioning God and life, but maybe not quite as much as Franny :)

7. The Citizen of Humanity Rocket jeans were my uniform for the month of September, and will probably continue to be for the rest of the fall. I love these pants. They're comfy, don't stretch out, and are a good jean to be dressed up or dressed down. 

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