The Sounds of Autumn

A good fall soundtrack should have plucky guitars and soothing voices with a splash of something loud to keep you awake and happy despite the gray. Here's a bit of everything I'm listening to right now.

Just a couple notes…
I'm honored to call multiple people on this list friends and they are all truly doing amazing things.

The wonderful Mary Lambert's album comes out in October and I'm thrilled for that, if you've been listening to "Secrets" all summer, you'll love her newest single "Heart On My Sleeve". Mary's one of the most genuine people that I know and I love that her honesty comes out in her songs.

Fences, who Jason directed "Arrows" for earlier this summer, has a killer album coming out this winter, I've included the two tracks that are already released from that.

I love all of Ed Sheeran's album but "Thinking Out Loud" is about to be everywhere. It's such a sweet love song and it's about the long haul. I love it.

Rudimental was Ed's opening act while we were on the road with him so I've gotten to see their live show a few times now. They are super interesting guys and they have a crazy energy and it really comes across in "Feel The Love".

I got to kick it with Ruby the Rabbitfoot a bit on the set of "Arrows" she's the girl in the video hanging out with Macklemore, riding the tandem bike, etc. If you have to be stuck on a set waiting to film for hours and hours, Ruby is a good person to be hanging out with- she's feisty and funny and as it turns out, a great singer too!

Photo of Ed Sheeran in Toronto by me and my iPhone :)

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