Friday Roundup

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!! Do you have big plans for the weekend? Mylo is dressing up as superman and we are going to attempt "trick or treating" with some friends tonight (please hold off rain!).

Hope everyone has a great weekend-- here are some links to get us started:

It's not too late! 13 fun ideas for Halloween (candy corn jello shots!).

Cute last minute Halloween costumes.

And a gorgeous DIY mermaid costume for next year.

OK Go's CRAZZZY new music video.

Asparagus pee: finally getting to bottom of why some people can smell it and not others. :)

Seattle is getting a cat cafe!

Interesting: health benefits of eating peels, stems and rinds.

Smart phone addiction is real.

This looks delicious and pretend-healthy, right up my alley.

Anybody out there participating in Dinovember -- seems like a fun idea.


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