Life lately...

I realize I've been fairly silent about my life lately. If you follow Jason (@jkoephoto) or me (@jennykoekoe) on Instagram, you might have noticed that we've been on a little adventure these past few weeks. We flew to Charlotte and hopped on a tour bus with our friend Ed Sheeran for the end of his North American tour. It seems like a pretty random thing to do (it was) but he invited us and we were in need of a little break from life in between projects.

We had an awesome little group and I am one of those weird people who sleep well in a dark little cubby on a moving vehicle, so I had a great time! Also, I'm now stuck on the habit of at least three cups of English Breakfast tea a day.

Near the end of every concert Ed takes a photo of the crowd and posts it to his Instagram (@teddysphotos). One night, Jason accidentally ended up in the front of the shot, so the next night we planned it out and made sure to be shooting in front of the crowd at the right time. Can you spot us front and center in the shot above?

PS. Also Ed's album X is one of my favorites of the year and he's an amazing performer, just him his guitar and a loop pedal. Pretty impressive. 


  1. Such a life you guys lead! How did you guys connect as friends with Ed Sheeran?

  2. Love that you're in that shot, haha, too funny! You guys have such exciting adventures!