Friday Roundup

Happy Friday from the road! We're headed Nashville for the weekend and I'm loving the warm weather. Although I think I'm almost ready for the coziness of autumn- sweaters and hot drinks and such. I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are. 

One of my favorite things about this time of hear is new TV shows!  And some of these look promising.

This new book on the etymology of food looks super interesting, and yes, this is a link to an article from American Airline's inflight magazine. Don't judge, it's a good article!

Great story of a Yazid girl's escape from ISIS, from her perspective. It's a little long, but the best article I've read all week by far.

Loving this song right now, and this article about it.

I just learned about the Food Recovery Network, brilliant idea for a non-profit!

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix! 

This cat poster is the best. 

Photo, time exposure of the last time we were in Nashville AKA when we we're ghosts. :)

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