Jenny's Favorites: July

Summer is in full swing and I've been enjoying it as much as possible! Here are some of the things that have made July great.

1 & 2. For smooth summer skin I've been loving Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap (which is great for shaving your legs) and this bath mitt, yes, it's expensive compared to a loofa, but unlike a loofa it'll last for years, cleans easily and dries quickly and is great for traveling. 

3. Oliver the Cat has been sporting a bow tie from Business Catual all month and he's getting lots of complements.

4. The New Yorker Archives are free for the summer. Their short stories are great for vacation reads.
Here are some great suggestions that I've enjoyed. Oh, and you can get the New Yorker beach towel here. 

5. For wonderfully laid back summery hair, I've been using Surf Spray, but if you really want great beach waves, check out Laura's tutorial from a few years back.

6. I've been drinking a lot of Dry Sodas lately. I love that they are WAY less sugary than other options and they are a great non-alcoholic option to have on hand for barbecues. 

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