Hair How To: Easy Beach Waves

On top of giving us some great summer beauty tips while at the lake, Teresa's talented sister Laura, showed us a really easy summer look.

1. Give yourself some really awesome braids. Part your hair as you normally do on top and divide your hair into two braids.

2. Use your flat iron to heat the braids evenly. Rather than pulling the flat iron down the length of your hair, hold it in one place and then move it.

3. And now, for the very important part, leave your hair in the braids as it cools down. This will help the style to set. You can be nice like Laura was and do you friends makeup while you're waiting...(Thanks!)

4. Once your hair is cool, take out the braids and gently run your fingers through.

5. Re-braid pieces in the front and re-iron. This will give the look more variety and randomness to the waves making it more natural looking.

6. Go through the rest of your hair and pick out any other areas that could use a little help, re-braid and iron.

Ta-da! The results are carefree waves, perfect for vacation.


  1. That's really cool I might just have to give this a go !

  2. Love this trick, now I just need long hair again :)