Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Teresa and I will be spending the day floating on a lake. I don't think I've had one day off in the past two months, so I'm REALLY excited to be spending a day in the sun! Wherever you are, I hope you get at least a moment to relax.

A couple of my friends came out with a new song, what do you think?

TGIF facts ( I did not realize Adam Scott from Parks and Rec was on Boy Meets World!)

Amazing places in the world to visit ( I highly recommend Victoria Falls also!)

The Girls version of Peter Pan

This one ingredient ice cream alternative sounds amazing.

Or, if you aren't into healthy desserts, this combines my two favorite things from childhood summers.

Warren G reads Warren G. Harding's love letters

Have you ever had a female Uber driver?

Roadtrip style

Tips for happiness from the Pope

Image from my favorite summer camp movie :)

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