This is what has consumed my life since May... Jason directed this, along with John Keatley. I helped out a bit as an associate producer, and am immensely proud of the final results.

Whenever we're working on video projects, there's usually a lot of secrecy involved, and it makes blogging hard! Where I'd normally want to post, "I spent the day watching Jason be a merman!" instead I only get to say, "Cool project that I can't name coming soon!"

At least now, it's a relief to get to say, this is why I was silent for days at a time and this is why I haven't had any "Craft & Create" posts for awhile, THIS WAS my craft project for the summer! 

So hopefully as the behind the scenes for this rolls out, I'll be able to share a bit more about the adventure that this has been and more photos like this. And this. For now, I'll say it's amazingly cool to see something go from ideas- arrows on a train, a high dive, a tiger- to watching these things be created, to now, where I'm glued to my computer reading reactions from friends, family and major news outlets.

I hope you like it! 

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  1. As always, the JKoe team rocks my socks! Congrats on a job (very) well done!