Are you a magazine quiz person?

I have lots of fond memories of high school summer days laying in the sun with friends doing magazine quizzes.

Of course we took the results super seriously-because if Seventeen determined, through ten multiple choice questions, that you were meant to marry someone just like Justin Timberlake, it was true.

Lately I feel like the internet has been feeding my need for 90s nostalgia with quizzes.

Here are a few that I'm only somewhat embarrassed to admit have been puling me away from more pressing work and world matters...

Feel free to take the below quizzes and post your results in the comments, after all, sharing your results and discussing them with friends is the best part!

This quiz took me back to my magazine reading days...

What city should you live in?  (I got Seattle! Yay me! I'm doing this one right!)

Which member of your friend group are you? (I'm the "middle child" but the little blurb with this result was surprisingly accurate...good job silly quiz, it's like you know me!)

Which magazine should feature you on their cover? (I got Vogue. Who do I talk to about making this happen?)

Would you survive the Victorian era?  (I wouldn't last long.)

Which 90's bedroom should you live in? (I got Clarissa's. I'll take it!)

What's your perfect nail color? (Red. I might have to try this. I don't think I've ever had red nails...)

PS. I distinctly remember getting the above YM and doing the quiz. Incase you were wondering, yes, according to YM I was a "stress mess".


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  1. So fun! I haven't taken a quiz in a loooong time. Although rather than make me feel young, I realized I've always been old (I was the "mom" of the friend group)!