EIGHT years ago today, Jason and I got married! My one regret, that horrible purple tie Jason is wearing! Other than that, I can truly say I love him more now than I did then.

This morning, I was getting up as Jason was going to sleep after editing all night (fun new project coming out soon!) he asked me if I ever thought this is where we would be eight years later. I don't know where I thought we'd be or what I imagined us doing, but traveling the world, working together without killing each other, using photography for philanthropy, choosing to not have kids yet, a moon man on the mantle and Grammy nominations for both of us. Nope. Never would have ever dreamed that up, and I have a very active imagination.

We're going here for a low key dinner tonight. We're not big anniversary celebrators, but we're great at pulling the, "well, we didn't really celebrate our anniversary, so lets say this is for that" card multiple times a year to justify buying fun things or splurging on food or nice hotels when we're out of town and I think that's the best way, to celebrate being married all the time :).

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  1. Happy anniversary! I like your thinking on the anniversary celebrating throughout the year.