Spring Cleaning! (aka The Post I Didn't Want to Post Because It Means I'll Actually Have to Clean My Messy House)

Like I said in last week's Friday Roundup I'm home for awhile and SO excited about it. But since Jason and I have been in and out so much in the past, well, year actually, I feel like our house is in a state of chaos. I haven't taken the time to really clean anything beyond the basic vacuum/dust/shove things in cupboards that's necessary to keep from feeling like Miss Havisham on an episode of Hoarders.

I don't really like cleaning. Currently I'm putting it off by writing this blog post. Perhaps this is it, the time in which I find myself as happy as this drawing of  mid-century woman. Perhaps the key to enjoying cleaning is wearing pearls…I might have to test this theory.

As I've been gearing up to clean, I've been noticing a lot of checklists for spring cleaning on Pinterest and decided to make my own. I do like the idea of a check list, something I can be working at all week and seeing my progress as I go but some of them were pretty intense, I'm not going to be resealing my grout, sorry Martha. I'm more focused on the basics needed to refresh, declutter, reorganize and make me love my house again. Here's the check list I've made for myself:

A note on my checklist:  I'm fully aware that to some, this will seem like a really whimpy cleaning list, and for your house it might be. For us,  it could very well take a full day just to be able to check off the "purge closets and drawers of old clothes" and I just found a can in my pantry that expired 2 years ago. We've got some work to do. 

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