Friday Roundup

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks and I feel like I'm finally able to breathe again.
I went from a week in Malawi, to camping at Joshua Tree and then got home as the 30/30 Project was launching. PHEW! The best moments right now are the ones where I'm sitting still, drinking tea and cuddling with Oliver the cat. I've been spending my spare moments on Pinterest and Houzz, dreaming of doing some redecorating, organizing, cooking and crafting-which I'll hopefully get to start on this weekend! I hope you have a restful weekend wherever you are and enjoy these fun links from around the web that made me smile this week.

Now that we're all eating sugar again, lets bake a cake! 

Lykke Li + A$AP Rocky

The next book on my reading list.

The iPhone charger you won't lose.

Do all 90's songs sound the same? 

Obama went to Jiro's! I wonder if he got to stay longer than 10 minutes?

This American Life's show on coincidences from last week is worth a listen. It kept me super entertained on the plane this past week.

Brian William's "Gin and Juice" cover is awesome as is his conversation with Jimmy Fallon all about it.

A mouse deer! 

Decluttering tips...I'm reading lots of posts like this right now, gearing up to do some spring cleaning! More on that next week.

And finally, a video of a video of animals being cute (thanks Heather!)

Photo: I took this of my friends walking around 29 Palms, searching for a vintage shop, during our Joshua Tree adventure, more on that next week!

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