Friday Roundup

Happy Sunday! The Friday Roundup is a little late, oops. We didn't haven't exactly have internet these last few days, but Jason and I are having a lovely time shooting in Malawi. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, wherever you are. Here are some fun links from around the web

For more info on the organizations Jason and I are currently shooting for, check out the websites for Partners in Health and Construction for Change. We be posting more on this project on the blog in the coming weeks too!

Where Seattle neighborhood names came from incase you were wondering why you lived on Capitol Hill or in Leshi, etc.

Kids reading to catsreally, this is a serious thing. And also incredibly cute.

New music for spring

Reminisce about Gap Dream and other smells from growing up a girl in the 90's

Interesting example of how much makeup can change a face. 

Champagne cocktails, perfect for a spring brunch. 

Supposedly the best oatmeal cookies, I might need to test this out...

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